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Your pets are part of your family, which is why the grooming team at W.A.G.S. Wash and Groom Salon is committed to treating them with the respect and care that they deserve. Whether your pet is coming in for a full grooming, a wash or just a simple nail trim, each of our six groomers will treat your pet gently and take the needed precautions to complete the grooming properly. As pet owners ourselves, we will do everything we can to make your dog or cat feel calm and cared for at all times at our salon.

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Meet the W.A.G.S Wash and Groom Salon team:


Sandi has been an owner or manager of something throughout her life. She decided to join in her daughter’s passion, it has now been her mission to make all the girls in the salon be the best they can be! Sandi is the one that makes us all so happy to come to work in the morning. Not only is she our boss, but she is the one to hold all the pieces together. Accommodating all our customers in every way she can, she is also always there to lend us a hand.


Sammi has always had a love for animals. She started out in 4-H winning many obedience, sheep herding and agility trials. After graduating high school she worked at a boarding kennel where her passion for dogs grew stronger. She always found herself in the grooming room asking a thousand questions. She’s always fascinated with grooming and desperately wanted to pursue a career as a top professional dog groomer.

After much investigation and determination, Sammi was lead to one of the country’s best teachers, Shaunna Bernardin, CMDG. After several years of apprenticing with Shaunna Bernardin, Sammi has become one of Canada’s top competitive groomers. As of right now she is sitting in the No. 4 spot on the Groom Team Canada point system for 2016. This is truly an amazing feat for such a young groomer. Sammi went to her first contest 4 years ago and won Best Overall and from then on she has been hooked. Sammi has been a successful grooming contest competitor ever since. Sammi has won 3 top all-around groomers and multiple gold medals. Sammi has a special talent as she excels in several classes with all breeds. She has dominated the hand strip class in the west for the last couple of years, winning multiple gold medals with her giant Schnauzers. Sammi is also one of the head speakers on the global groomer stage. She is very proud of the work that she has done on the Schnauzers.


Katy has been a groomer’s assistant for years and joined the W.A.G.S team in May of 2015. She has always had a love for animals and loves what she does. Sammi and Katy are an amazing team. It is almost like they are the same person. Their clientele loves them equally. Sammi says she couldn’t do it all without this amazing patient woman. Katy’s talent with double coated dogs will leave your house almost hair free. Her touch is like no other. She enjoys her dogs every single day. She likes to spend her time off at the off-leash park with her dogs Brooklyn, her pit-bull and her border collie X.


Braylyn joined the W.A.G.S team in July of 2015 and comes to us with over 11 years of experience working in Calgary’s biggest dog care facilities. She began grooming in 2011 and has been doing it ever since. Tagged to her belt is the PIJAC Certified Canine Specialist and the canine first aid and CPR course from SAIT. Braylyn is a groomer that can take on the most troublesome of dogs. She wants to venture out to travel and see as much of the world as possible. If she is not busy making dogs look and feel amazing, Braylyn is playing video games, going to a car show with her 2008 Subaru STI and Datsun 240Z and of course hanging out with her friends, family and her dogs.


Lindsey has been around since the beginning. She is our senior groomer, and has been grooming for 5 years. She has competed in grooming competitions both nationally and internationally for the past couple of years and has been extremely successful. Lindsey is very talented with scissors and her gentle nature soothes the most nervous of dogs. Her approach to grooming is with pure patience and love for her clients. She has exceeded the expectations of many and continues to strive to make herself the best she can be. There isn’t a small dog that we can’t hand her. Lindsey also owns her own Sealyham Terrier that she enjoys doing extracurricular activities including grooming competitions, obedience class, and walks at the dog park.


My name is Cat. I have always loved animals and knew at a young age that I wanted to work with them. I’ve been grooming since 2009 when I was taught by a world-renowned groomer. I like to attend seminars and grooming competitions to further my knowledge and learn new techniques. I absolutely love dogs and have three of my own fur babies: Lucas my cocker/pom, James my Finnish Lapphund, and my newest addition Bella, a Shih Tzu.

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