Humane Grooming Policies for Cats & Dogs in Calgary

All dogs are not groomed on a first come first serve basis. Our seniors and dogs with health issues go out first. If you would like your dog done by a specific time, please inquire at time of booking and time of drop off. We can always accommodate, please don’t hesitate to ask. We can also arrange for a different time for drop-off, as most dogs come in the morning. If you’re going to work for the day feel free to leave your dog to play for the day. All dogs in our salon that stay for a period of 5 hours or more will get time for a potty break and water.

If your dog has anxiety issues or is easily stressed, we will advise you not to hurry their clip. Dogs with these types of issues take more time for breaks and therefore we will require extra time for the clip.

This same policy will apply to a puppy’s first grooming. We want a puppy’s first grooming experience to be a positive one. The longer the better. This gives a new puppy time to acclimate to the various sounds, socialize with the other dogs, and a longer period of time to adjust and become trustful of the new groomer being introduced. A puppy’s first hair cut can be scary. 

If your dog has any health issues that affect his or her ability to stand, we will encourage our customers to put their dog into a more suitable trim based on each dog’s health issues. When your dog’s health is compromised, we go for comfort and cleanliness, not perfection. 


As pet owners, you are responsible for maintaining your pet’s coat in between grooming services. Both brushing with a slicker brush, and combing with a metal comb. Being able to run a metal comb throughout your pet’s coat without snags, from the skin out, from the base of the hair shaft to the tip, is the ONLY way to adequately judge the condition of your pet’s coat. If your dog’s coat does not pass the above combing test, your dog’s coat has not been properly maintained and will require a short haircut, and a fresh start.
Humane de-matting will only be performed if possible. 10 minutes of de-matting is included in each groom as this is considered reasonable. If you wish to have your dog de-matted and it can be done humanely, it will be charged at a cost of $10 per 15 minutes.

Please keep in mind that when a short clip is recommended by your professional pet stylist, it is for the health and safety of your dog, and the fur does grow back. To prevent future coat complications, as well as extra charges due to pelt removal services, please schedule your dog’s grooms every 2 to 12 weeks. Your stylist is happy to recommend a schedule to best fit your budget and desired coat length.

Severe Matting & Pelt Removal

Annual or 6 month pelt removal will no longer be considered an acceptable method of regular coat maintenance. 

A utility trim before matting starts. Shaved short, head to toe, without advanced scissoring services, nor complimentary upgrades will be offered to dogs 20 pounds and under for the price of $40.00. 

This offer may be refused at any time by your stylist.

Matting can cause pelting, which creates discomfort and reduces your dog’s mobility. And it hurts to have it removed.
Health risks go hand-in-hand with poor coat conditions and may include, but are not limited to skin irritations, itching, bacterial and fungal infections and hot spots. Pelt removal (shaving) incurs a greater risk of nicks, razor rash and cuts (sometimes from hidden warts, or raw and inflamed skin). Lack of air circulation to the skin can also create sores, raw skin, dandruff and inflammation under the pelt. Fungus can appear on your dog’s skin, and tight pelts can cause hematomas.

Additionally, the finished look of the trim could be uneven. Pelt removal is time consuming, painstaking work to do correctly while minimizing the chance of complications and pain to your dog. Due to the extra time and labour involved in this service there will be a pelt removal fee in addition to your regular grooming service fee. Please be advised that your pet’s sensitive skin hasn’t felt fresh air for a very long time, and scratching or booty dragging will feel really good. The issue is a dog lacks the skills to know the difference between scratching an itch and damaging their skin, which will be extremely sensitive and possibly raw.

Please carefully inspect your pet upon pickup at the salon for complications. The salon WILL NOT be liable for self-inflicted complications your pet causes after he or she is returned to your care.

If you wish to maintain a long length, your dog must be brushed and combed thoroughly on a regular basis, either by you, or your pet stylist. Ask about our maintenance plans. Bath and brush services between clips can help too.

The groomers at our salon are working together with the Alberta SPCA to develop new policies, including coat maintenance as part of their animal care policy. Clients, please take heed that times are changing and pelt removal services are well on their way to being ruled as inhumane by the SPCA.

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